12. Alwinton to Westnewton Bridge

Hopefully you have rested well in Alwinton as a long day awaits, but what a day it will be. The stunning hills and forests of the Cheviots and a brush against the England Scotland border await.

The route leaves Alwinton along Clennell Street and past many ancient settlements, then Wholehope Knowe, Saughy Hill to Nettlehope Hill. Continuing through the forest in a north-westerly direction passes Well Cleugh and Hazely Law to a cairn on the summit of the border ridge where the route meets the Pennine Way. Following the Pennine Way reaches Kings Seat, Green Gair, Hanging Stone, Auchope Cairn and Red Cribs before descending to Mounthooly, Fleehope, Whitehall and Hethpool to follow College Burn to Westnewton Bridge.

An alternative routes heads to Wooler leaving the main route before Auchop Cairn to Cairn Hill and then on to The Cheviot (815m), and Scald Hill then to Hawsen Burn to Broadstruther. Following along Broadstruthers Burn the route crosses Carey Burn where the two burns join. Moving away from Carey Burn, crossing moorland to Wooler Common and through the Kenterdale Hill picnic spot to Wooler.

Another alternative route to Wooler leaves the main route after Red Cribs, but before Mounthooly, to Dunsdale, Goldscleugh and around Preston Hill to Broadstruther where it picks up the route as above to Wooler.

From Wooler you’ll need to get to Westnewton Bridge to pick up the next section of the route. Leaving Wooler on Ramsey’s Lane, which becomes Common Road, and heading to the car park at Kenterdale Hill. Following St Cuthbert’s Way past Coldberry Hill, Gains Law, Tom Tallon’s Crag and Torleehouse re-joins the main route after crossing College Burn at Hethpool Linn.

Distance: 19.5 miles (31.4 km)
Total distance: miles (